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Certificate Of Citizenship

Discussion in 'Naturalization to become a US citizen' started by feb2017, Feb 24, 2017.

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    In the mid 90s, my father became a Naturalized US Citizen. He then applied for a US Passport and since I was under the age of 18, he also applied for my US Passport (I was a permanent resident holder at the time). After my father applied for my US Passport, he was asked to fax over additional information 1) Translated copy of divorce decree from my mother (they divorced in their foreign country several years prior) 2) Copy of a notarized statement signed by my father and my mother that they came to an agreement that my father had legal custody of me. After these items were faxed over, I received my US Passport and acquired US Citizenship.

    I have renewed my passport over the last 20 years with no problem using my existing passports as proof of US Citizenship. But, if I lose my passport or it gets stolen, would it be difficult to have it replaced since I don't have a Certificate of Citizenship?

    Can I now apply for a Certificate of Citizenship or is it to late? What type of documents would I need to provide with the application?

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