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Can Prime vendor take any action on me for not joining the Project?- Urgent

Discussion in 'Consulting company issues' started by sunilchowdary, Feb 28, 2013.

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    I am in a tricky situation. Transferring from Full time to EVC model via consulting firm.
    I got a project and managed to get start day 15 days later, so that transfer can be applied.
    I got even better offer now. Can I by pass everything and join the new company.

    I still have a week ahead to join the old project and initiate H1 transfer. Yes I have signed some documents and gave an e mail confirmation to vendor>

    To Vendor and Client,
    I, , hereby confirm that I am ready, willing, and able to report to for my< Start date > start date with Client. I will be ready to begin work promptly at 9AM on that morning. I am ready to complete all the necessary paperwork by this evening. I have taken myself off the market, and I am available exclusively for this project at . In addition, I am also confirming I am not taking any trips back to India throughout the duration of this contract and if my current employer offers me an extension or a counter offer when I go to put in my notice, I am ready to turn it down and join Vendor project as agreed(if applicable). This is my 100% commitment.


    Vendor has my SSN and signed work order and background checks docs... Can any body(Consulting firm or vendor) take a legal action towards me.
    Bare in mind: I have not joined EVC yet.

    Please reply. thank you[/h]

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