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Awaiting Gc

Discussion in 'General immigration questions' started by india2usa, Oct 17, 2017.

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    Hi Ron,

    I am in EB2 and i have my EAD. I am waiting for my dates to become current. As you know, we are not sure when the dates move faster and become current.

    As i am EAD status for last 5 years, I am planning to start a new company on my wife name and can i work for my wife Company Start up.

    When dates become current and if i receive any RFP for employment - Can i show the employment letter from my wife company with the same responsibilities as I-140. or any other small IT startup.

    1. Can i work for any startup company?
    2. will they ask any financials of the Startup? and what will be the impact?

    I need your suggestion.

    Thanks & Regards

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