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Applying Ead Based On Aos While Holding H4-ead

Discussion in 'H4 employment authorization' started by IAmLegalAlien, Oct 9, 2015.

  1. IAmLegalAlien

    IAmLegalAlien New Member

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    My spouse has received H4-EAD recently. Now there is a chance that my Priority date will be current.
    While applying AOS for my wife can I also apply EAD for her even if she has a valid H4-EAD?
    I have received a response from my company immigration department that if one has an EAD, he/she cannot apply for another EAD more than 120 days before the current EAD expires. Is this a valid statement? I thought these two EADs are of different categories. Can someone please clarify.
  2. DonDraper

    DonDraper Guru

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    You are correct. Her i485 EAD will over write her H4 EAD

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