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Any Possibility Of Movement In 'date Of Filing' For Eb2 India?

Discussion in 'AC 21 I-140 Portability' started by wideeyedwanderer, Jul 8, 2016.

  1. wideeyedwanderer

    wideeyedwanderer Junior Member

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    We have seen the very steep retrogression in the Final Action dates for EB2 India. Now that that is not expected to move before the end of this year, shall we spend some time speculating on its less-glamorous cousin -- the 'Date of filing'.

    Since the time they added the additional category of dates 'Date of Filing', the EB2 India Date of Filing has not seen any movement. It is stuck at 01JUL09.

    In fact, we saw a surprising backward movement even before this category came into effect. Many, including myself, got a rude shock.

    Are we likely to see any forward movement in 'Date of Filing' particularly for EB2 India in the next 6 months or one year? I know its hard to predict any of this but does anyone have any insight into the how they plan to move this date forward especially since this date is not linked to availability of visa numbers? Is this date arbitrary? Is this mostly based on how much administrative workload the agency can take on?
  2. Ron Gotcher

    Ron Gotcher Attorney at Law

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    I believe there will be significant forward movement at the start of the new fiscal year in October; perhaps three to four years.

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