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Address Change After Green Card, Wife's Still Pending

Discussion in 'US citizenship' started by greenorred, Sep 15, 2015.

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    I got my green card approved (EB1A category) a month back but my wife got minor RFE. We replied the RFE and they are processing it for last one week.
    Now I got a job and moving to California early next month (current Florida resident). I am wondering should my wife moves with me and we do an address change, is that gonna affect the case. I have three situations:

    1. Take my wife with me and do address change to California
    2. My wife moves to a new address in Florida for few months until she gets the GC, in this case we need to change address but still in Florida
    3. My wife stays in the same address in Florida until she gets her GC

    Please advise which one will affect the case lest, my preference is 1>2>3.

    Thanks a lot

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