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Adding Spouse To Primary Aos Application

Discussion in 'Family based immigration' started by mfd1402, Jun 19, 2017.

  1. mfd1402

    mfd1402 Senior Member

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    Hi Ron
    If I am currently on EAD (EB2I PD:June 2009) and the Filing dates become current for I485 application can I add my spouse who is in India to my I485 application so she can get EAD/AP or do I need to wait till Final Action dates become current before I can add her to my I485 application.
  2. Sunyaang

    Sunyaang Guru

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    final action dates is what matters, filing dates mean nothing. right now final action date for EB2 India is 1 Nov 2008. and ur PD is 24 Jun 2009. ur gone for all money for atleast 1.5 years. first u have to wait till final action date comes to 24 Jun 2009, then file 485 for ur spouse and who knows how long the process is gona take. bcos for indians, no one knows how folks get GC. it jjst seems to drop out of the sky one fine day. then ur spouse has to go thru consular processing. many desis have completed a decade on EAD. pretty soon u will complete 1 decade on EAD. i am not sure of details but looking at ur case, ur atleast gona have to continue your "sad lonely bachelor life routine with the occasional wank and the occasion smart ass comment on immigration forums" at least for next 2 years. or u have another option, u can parallely maintain a H1 and get ur wife on H4. but i dont think u have the resources nor guts nor the mentality to do this. i feel sorry for you. even though ur throwing satires on H1, seeing ur position, i feel sorry for u and hope things get better for u. maybe u never know my comments might inspire u and act as a spark for u to go on H1 parallely and unite with ur spouse.

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