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485 Approval Issue If H1b Extension Is Denied

Discussion in 'Adjustment of status' started by useitforemail, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. useitforemail

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    Filed 485 + 131 + 765 in Nov 2014.
    Got 131 , 765 approved and valid till feb 2018.
    I was on H1B till sept 2015 , I-94 expired in Sept 2015.
    My employer filed H1B extension in Sep 2015 and USCIS approved the petition in May 2016 , but denied extension of stay in US. Asked to apply for US Visa outside the country and enter with H1B Visa.
    The period from Oct 2015 and May 2016 (H1B extension was in process) , is considered to be "out of status"? i was working on H1B Extension receipt number from USCIS.
    I went out of the country in May 2016 and came back in May 2016 on "Advance Parole" . i didnt have any issues getting in.

    Will the denial of extension of stay become an issue for my 485 adjudication?
  2. donisback

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